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What is there to do at Narita airport?

I had written a "Discover Narita airport" article before, but nowadays, there is a lot more to discover. Check out the following 4 tips to get the most out of your time on Narita airport.
1. What's new page of the Narita airport website On the What's new page of the Narita airport website, you can find the latest news about the airport. From there, I have found out that they regularly have "Introducing Japanese Culture" events. Some examples are: a koto (traditional Japanese musical instrument) concertmaking origami and kokeshi (handmade, wooden Japanese doll). Bonsai exhibitionSamurai armor and Maiwai robe wearingUkiyoe printing  They sound very interesting and whatever you make, you are allowed to take home as a souvenir. 

The TABIMORI app is the hospitality app from Narita airport. It provides you with all kinds of useful information, which can be handy during your trip in Japan. Some of the information can also be read offline. Be sure…

How to get Internet access in Japan

One of the problems that I encountered in Japan was how to get access to the Internet, when you don't get it for free with your hotel room. I think I had to pay about €14 for the use of Internet in my hotel room for just one day. It started counting, right when I logged in to my Internet account for the first time. But since I was away during the most of the day for sightseeing, I basically paid that high price for 2 hours of Internet. So, here are some tips to get the precious Internet access that you need to look up information and to keep in touch with your friends and family.

Narita airport The first place, where you can get free Wi-Fi is directly on Narita airport. You can connect to the network "FreeWiFi-NARITA". Afterwards, open your Internet browser and follow the instructions given. You can also go to the free Wi-Fi desks with LAN sheets, the free computer desk corners with AC100V power points and desk lamps, the coin-operated Internet terminals (100 yen per 10…